What is Art ?

Walking through London from Fenchurch Street to Chiswell Street each morning I see a lot of so called art.

This I quite like it’s a very detailed sculpture and you can clearly see what it is meant to be , whereas this

To me is totally rubbish.

Now I know like music and movies Art is a personal opinion and if you ask 100 people you’ll get 100 different answers. Most sculptures I look and at and immediately think what is it ? I’ve stared at sculptures a lot for a long time to try and see what the artist intended and most times I don’t see or feel anything and my mind wanders off . Now this :

All I can say is the aliens have landed and they are hippies.

Anybody who knows me away from social media knows my situation, I split with Charlotte’s mum when Charlotte was only 7 months old and only used to see her alternate weekends , and right up until she was about 10 i only had a poky studio flat so once she got old enough , I used to bring her to London for days out and as I wasn’t too well off financially we used to do the museums galleries etc that were free , one of the places we’ve been a lot is the national gallery. We both Love a lot of paintings in there, remember when Charlotte was only about 7 seeing the George Stubbe life size painting of a horse and Charlotte wanting to take it home (she now has a print of it at home) and even I love the building ! (Possibly due to one of my former jobs working for an architects)

Over the years there’s been a lot of art and artist make the news for varying reasons , two prime examples . Damien Hirst’s cow in formaldehyde (just why) and Tracy Emmin’s unmade bed (just gross) and then she had a tent with all the names of the guy’s that she’s slept with ( won’t go there).

Now the arts as a whole seems to be a very broad medium, personally I love Movies , Music , don’t dislike opera , I have also seen Ballet’s and musical theatre that have been very artistic and thoroughly enjoyable , Swan Lake is amazing and the dying swan is still the most powerful piece of music I’ve ever heard live.

Some rock concerts can be considered art , Alice cooper, Iron Maiden , King Crimson , Rammstein , W.A.S.P and numerous others don’t just get up on stage and perform they put on a show which if it is not art is at least performance art .

And what about photographs ? Think I’ve been moved more and felt more deeply looking at a photograph than any painting or sculpture.

And If photographs really are art then I give you my favourite one yet