Parasitic cyclist rant

Ok so when I started blogging (heady days of yesterday lol) was going to try and keep these light hearted and attempt to make them amusing if I can, but after what happened to me this morning I need to get something of my chest (and apologies to anyone who is one , I just hope you’re not this bad) I HATE CYCLISTS IN LONDON

On the way to work this morning I was waiting to cross the road near my office , waited for the green man like a good little commuter and started to cross , about half way across the road this moron on a bike came speeding round the corner (had jumped the red light , about the 100th one I’ve seen do it this year) so me an this other guy who was crossing at the same time stopped to let the moron pass even though we had right of way , so the parasite on two wheels decided to try and cycle between us , to which I promptly called him an ignorant prick (apologies for the language but I was that angry)from about 2 feet away from him , he was that close .

Cyclists are a law unto themselves, jump lights , ride on pathways with no thought for anyone else . anyone can just go and ride a bike through London without any form of licence , insurance or having to take a test of any kind , the mayor or the authorities should enforce some form of insurance , or test or way of regulating them , I have heard stories of people actually being struck by cyclists and they need to be held accountable.

I have also repeatedly felt the urge to kick one off their bike (and I’m not a remotely violent person as anyone who knows me will tell you) when they’ve nearly hit me on a footpath , earlier this year me and a colleague were almost hit by a foreign cyclist riding on a footpath, who then promptly tried to blame us , I shouted at him ‘you shouldn’t be riding on the path’ to which he swore at me and said the road is one way what am I supposed to do? (he’d basically decided to ride on a path nearly mowing a lot of pedestrians down because he couldn’t be bothered to follow the road route).

I am also getting sick of every time I try to cross a road having to stop to let the Tour de France go past , and since Boris Johnson’s brainfart of an idea it’s got 10 times worse with all the Boris Bikes , would like to shove one where the sun doesn’t shine so he gets the point.

when I was a kid (and yes I know it was last century) I used to love cycling everywhere, always tried to obey the rules and never rode on footpaths. I’m sure it was the law that no cycle with wheels over 12 inches was allowed on the path and vividly remember the local beat bobby making other cyclists get off the paths

Just wonder how many other pedestrian commuters feel this strongly and angry?