Thoughts on being single

Firstly just want to say I’m not desperately looking for someone but a Facebook post this morning got me thinking, it asked ‘post why you think you are single’ and I had to answer ‘I wish I knew’ .

I don’t know whether I try too hard or not hard enough. I have a history of broken relationships and am usually the dumpee and not the dumper (apologies for the bad grammar but thought it was a suitable comment). Forgive me for not giving up but I can’t be wrong all the time 😂. Had several Ex girlfriends tell me I’m a nice guy but I question this as why am still single at 50? I’ve Never been happy about my looks but have been told I’m not ugly so it can’t be that (and beauty is in the eye of the beerholder after all) .

Remember my grandmother telling me there’s someone for everyone and when you meet them you’ll know , well I’ve ‘known’ twice and been spectacularly wrong both times.

Maybe it’s an interest thing, I have many and diverse interests, apart from spending time with my daughter and grandson my two main interests are movies and music, I’m also a gamer , history buff , read , like real ale , red wine , food , and am fairly accommodating to new experiences , enjoy museums and galleries as much as socialising with friends, most of my interests are diversions from boredom when I’m all by my oneosme , I’m reasonably intelligent and well read and have problems focusing on just one thing , unless I’m with someone when I just enjoy being with them whether curled up on the sofa watching a movie with a bottle of wine or out doing whatever.

Looking at the list maybe my interests are too varied 😂

The upshot of all this waffling, after a morning of self analysis I still don’t have a scooby!