Do you agree that music is timeless?

Another post Inspired by a comment from a friend on Facebook. Said friend is in his 20’s. I posted a picture of a stop sign with a photoshopped mock-up of a stop sign below it that said ‘Hey children what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down’ it tickled me (I have a stupid , warped and sometimes dark sense of humour) . My friend said he didn’t get it so I explained to him that it was paraphrasing the Buffalo Springfield track ‘For What it’s worth’ from the 1960’s to which he said ‘oh before my time’ so I replied that he should check it out as it’s a good song and that music doesn’t have a time it just is.

This got me to thinking is music timeless ? To me personally it is , I was born in 1968 and my first memories of music was my Dad playing me Groundhogs – Split when I was 5 years old , shortly after he played me Pink Floyd – Dark side of the moon (still one of my my top 5 albums of all time) and Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath which I remember scaring the crap out of me 😂 since then have listened to probably over 500 bands in all different genres and my music taste is now varied, I have stuff spanning almost 100 years. Some songs never get old , and I listen to new bands on pretty much a weekly basis.

I’ve always loved how music can remind you of the exact when / where / what you were doing when you first heard it , how intensely personal It to each and every one of us and how it brings people together from all walks of life and of all ages