What is Art ?

Walking through London from Fenchurch Street to Chiswell Street each morning I see a lot of so called art. This I quite like it’s a very detailed sculpture and you can clearly see what it is meant to be , whereas this To me is totally rubbish. Now I know like music and movies Art […]

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Parasitic cyclist rant

Ok so when I started blogging (heady days of yesterday lol) was going to try and keep these light hearted and attempt to make them amusing if I can, but after what happened to me this morning I need to get something of my chest (and apologies to anyone who is one , I just […]

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Thoughts on being single

Firstly just want to say I’m not desperately looking for someone but a Facebook post this morning got me thinking, it asked ‘post why you think you are single’ and I had to answer ‘I wish I knew’ . I don’t know whether I try too hard or not hard enough. I have a history […]

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First blog

Absolutely no idea where this is going to go but wanted to try my hand at blogging, I’m a huge movie and music buff , NHL and wrestling fan like rugby union reading history gaming , beer and life long West Ham fan so my blogs may me random and infrequent , just hope to […]

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