Music and movies

How many of you have stopped while watching a film and thought, that music is really making this film ? And i mean actual movies not musicals or movies that have the big musical numbers throughout. I have been into music as long as i can remember , probably longer than I have been into […]

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Further movie musings

As I commute I tend to listen to music to drown out the other sheep, and make my journey more pleasurable. I have Apple Music and can stream anything I want to, to my hearts content. So , due to my movie obsession, I have a lot of soundtracks and scores amongst my other music. […]

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard

How can a film with 4 of my favourite actors (Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Richard E. Grant) and Salma Hayek not be good? A fun action / comedy/ love story / buddy movie with locations worthy of a Bond film, and going by the stunts it must have had a similar […]

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